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We’ve Got You Covered

We are an automotive repair company dedicated to delivering high-quality service and repair at an affordable rate. As a highly skilled and versatile shop, we are capable of servicing all automotive systems, making us a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle’s needs.


Is your steering wheel off center, or are Edmonton’s potholes taking a toll on your suspension and steering system? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our super accurate, quick alignment system. We gladly align all automotive vehicles up to 17,500 lbs.


Vehicles are becoming more complex every year, and sometimes they require state of the art diagnostic equipment to find the root cause of their problems. Not only do we possess the skills and equipment required to diagnose specific vehicle concerns, but we also strive to save you money in the process. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions!

Transmission Rebuilding

With extensive in-house experience in diagnosing and rebuilding automatic transmissions, we have the capabilities to pinpoint the root cause of your transmission faults and to generate the best repair or rebuild option based on your specific needs. Not all transmissions need replacing! Head to our “contact us” page for inquiries.

Tire Repair

It’s never fun to get a flat or leaking tire, especially in our harsh winter months! We perform high quality plug and patch repair, so you don’t have to worry. Our tire repairs are guaranteed for the life of the tire and come with a complimentary wheel rebalancing.

Tire Replacement

Is it time for a new set of tires? We offer some of the most competitive pricing on tires available and have access to just about every tire sold in North America. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or to contact us via our “contact us” page with a question, or to receive a quick quote.

Tire Balancing

Often, wheels and tires will cause vibrations at higher speeds which can shorten the life of your tires. If you suspect your wheels are the cause of  vibration, let us know! We can check the balance of your wheels with our high precision machines at no extra charge when combined with any other service that we offer.

Module/ECU Programming

People are often led to believe that all reprogramming must be done at the dealership. At Mad Lab Automotive, we reprogram various makes and models of vehicles, which may resolve your electrical fault.

Suspension Repair

Does your vehicle make excessive noise when driving over bumps and potholes? Edmonton roads hit hard, but you can hit right back with our quality line of lifetime warranty suspension and steering components.

A/C Recharge

Alberta’s winters can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s air conditioning system.  The extreme changes in temperature throughout the year cause the seals to break down and leak your precious refrigerant out into the atmosphere. We strive to find the source of your leak and repair it so that your air conditioning system will last for years to come.


Is your vehicle running “rough”? Is that darn check engine light back again? It may be time for a tune-up. Tune-ups may be performed at any time, but they are better value as a preventative service. We offer various options for engine tune-ups that coincide with your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and specifications. Tune-ups may include services such as spark plug replacement, spark plug wire replacement, PCV valve replacement, and fuel filter replacement.

Headlamp Restoration & Alignment

These days, most automobile manufacturers are using headlamps/headlights with plastic lenses, which become cloudy and weathered over time.  We can restore your headlamps up to 97% of your original headlamp transparency. This is a great way to improve your night driving visibility as well as your visibility to others on the road.


Do you often come screaming to a halt, literally? Nobody likes an obnoxious brake squeal, and Pedestrians’ faces speak volumes as you pull up to that red light!  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Brake servicing is often financially economical and can be performed very quickly. Visit our “Contact Us” page to inquire about our tri-level brake quote.

Oil Changes

You’ll never fall behind on your maintenance again with our Mad Lab oil change and inspection package. We offer conventional, Semi Synthetic, and full synthetic oil changes that come with a complementary 75 point inspection. This service also includes fluid top ups, oil change/service reminder reset, battery test with printout, tire pressure adjustment, and more.

Fluid Replacement

Has it been a while since you’ve changed your vehicle’s fluids? We can help! Keeping up with fluid servicing will help to prevent unwanted noise, leaks, and premature wear of various parts throughout your vehicle. Some of these vital fluids include brake fluid, power-steering fluid, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, engine coolant, and differential gear oil. We use your manufacturer’s recommended fluid grades and viscosities to keep your vehicle in peak condition year-round.

Transmission Service

One of the most often neglected parts of an automobile is the transmission, and our tech team couldn’t be more passionate about them! There are many moving parts inside your transmission such as various gears, clutches, pumps, bearings, solenoids, and so much more.  One thing they all have in common is they require adequate lubricant to save you from an unanticipated repair bill. Let us ensure your transmission’s health and longevity by booking a transmission service today.

Key Programming & FOB Repair

Are you in need of a spare or replacement key? Keys like to go missing, but we can supply and program a new one for most vehicles. We will also deactivate your old or lost key to ensure your vehicle stays secure. Still have your key, but the FOB isn’t working? No problem, we also repair most key fobs, including those with remote start! Please give us a call or stop by to discuss your options. 

Module Repair

Vehicles these days require highly complex and sophisticated electronics, including an array of nodes (also known as modules or computers). With such complexity, it is no surprise that replacing these components can be quite costly, but we can help keep your costs down with our module repair capabilities. We repair many different types electronic control units (ecu) such as powertrain control modules, body control modules, ignition control modules, and many more. Head to our contact us page if you have questions or to book an appointment.

Happy Customers

Raymond Gallinger, May 12, 2020

The friendliness and professionalism of management is refreshing. I have especially appreciated that Keith takes the time to carefully go over everything that their inspection (with the oil change) has flagged. It also is very helpful that he goes over the pros and cons of each repair.

Natasha* That is all, Apr 23, 2020

I booked an oil change through groupon and at the last minute....literally 2 hours before my appointment....asked to add on a tire swap out. They accommodate my request with enthusiasm and kindness. I will come back here in the future for all my oil changes and services for my ride. Thank guys...p.s. thanks for the cold beverage as was a scorcher today.

Jayden Mark, Feb 25, 2020

Excellent Mechanics here. I brought my Impala in to these guys after another mechanic failed to diagnose a problem for me. They had it figured out in two hours. These guys are extremely informed and the shop is professional. Would recommend !